Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Homo Syntheticus_ WIP.a

The next step_ My current WIP in my Homo Syntheticus series:

_In processu a.

After the second pass. Now to add the paint.#cyborgs #homosyntheticus #cyborgart

_In processu b.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Painted Sketches

I stopped painting traditionally for a long time, mostly because the pay check called for it more than anything else. I always loved the act of painting.  I tried doing other things, but it never really left my mind.
 In the meantime, I started working for MTG and that involved having to do card alters at events and such. It inspired me to break my paints back out.

Lotleth Troll artist proof acrylic

Blood Crypt artist proof acrylic

Moving from small, to big, and then back to small. lt felt good to move paint again.
I moved to small canvases and then popped out one big one that had been swimming around in my subconscious for a while.
(Pater Probus)

 I was working in acrylics and struggling to keep the paint wet and consistent. I got fed up and went out for a big paint sale and got some oils (thanks to Aaron Miller for his for helping me choose the paints).

I took it slow and didn’t commit myself too much to what I was doing, but I had been thinking about it for a while.

6x6 oil 
6x6 oil

6x6 oil

10x10 oil

Getting the itch to tackle something big again.