Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sub-Zero Redesign

Hello folks, I promised that I would try and complete the other five characters from the original
Mortal Kombat when I found some time and yesterday I did. Here is Sub Zero how I envision him. I haven’t worked out much of his back story other than that he was a part of the Way of the Frost Dragon, an honorable secret society of warriors that were direct enemies with the ninja organization Scorpion was a part of before he was killed by Shang Tsung (disguised as Sub Zero).
I will have a table in the artists alley at the C2E2 (comic con) in Chicago April 16-18 2010 and wll have all of my art there for purchase. Come and check it out.

Sub Zero was always my favorite character to play with.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Magic The gathering_ Vampire Concepts

Hello, my last post was almost 2 months ago already. Unfortunately I haven't really had any time to work on too much more personal work because I have (fortunately!) been getting fairly regular freelance work.
The art I am posting is from the first wave of concept art done for Magic the Gatherings Zendikar release. I did a bunch of concepts for the 2010 releases that I will eventually post here. Below are only the concepts I was doing for the neo vampires. The direction was to make them less monstrous but still keep them in the natural world. The chosen direction was more tribal then what I have posted (which to me is a bit more Egyptian) but you can still see some of the below art influenced in the cards (none of which are posted because I didn't paint any vampire cards). I was pretty happy with what I ended up with even though it wasn't really used.
The art at the bottom of this post was the art that I did on site which had to be done very quickly because we had to concept a lot of stuff out in the two short weeks I was at the main offices.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Speed Painting_SCi-Fi

A recent speed painting I did in December. I have been super into the sci-fi work of John Harris recently and I wanted to do a peice in that style. I know it isn't as clear/simple as something Mr. Harris would do but I think its pretty good all the same. The theme is that of a short story I wrote about the builders of the space elevators that I believe we should be building...