Sunday, January 03, 2010

Speed Painting_SCi-Fi

A recent speed painting I did in December. I have been super into the sci-fi work of John Harris recently and I wanted to do a peice in that style. I know it isn't as clear/simple as something Mr. Harris would do but I think its pretty good all the same. The theme is that of a short story I wrote about the builders of the space elevators that I believe we should be building...


Leeann H said...

That's just amazing work: is that made with traditional or digital chalk pastels? :)

Vincent Proce said...

Thank you leeann. That is digital chalk that I believe comes stock with PS. I think Mr. Harris uses acrylic/oil paint to get the same effect, of course digital is faster.

Leeann H said...

Sweet; now I need access to a working drawing tablet soon!

Which reminds me, I'd like to practise drawing conceptual locations and landscapes during the new year for my portfolio; Please, may I ask you if you have any small tips I could follow? Thanks. :)

Ghassemi.salman said...

You have nice jobs..

Anonymous said...

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