Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spectrum 19

It always interests me what gets into the annual Spectrum and what doesn't. Every year, I send in multiple pieces for consideration into the revered publication. This year I sent in 15, I think, and luckily two of those pieces made it in.
True, I've been fortunate enough to have a piece or two of my work accepted yearly for the the last 6 years or so, with a gap year that my work wasn't chosen.
It's always hard NOT to be chosen. No bones about it. Alternately yeah, it feels really great to have my work accepted, when it is. I feel like it's a pretty sweet vindication of how hard I've worked at my craft.
Still, year after year, I can never predict if I'll get in or if I won't, and if so, which of the 15 or so pieces I sent made it.
Here's my work that was included in Spectrum 19.

The first one is art for Magic the Gathering Planechase

Hedron Fields of Agadeem
© Wizards of the Coast

The second one is concept art for Magic.

Concept Art for Magic the Gathering
© Wizards of the Coast